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Lymphatic Body & Facial

Tighten skin, drains body fluids, removes toxins. Helps body swellingness, pain and fatigue. This treatment will help you feel good immediately!

Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring hair removal is an ancient Middle Eastern practice that uses all-natural paste or gel made from sugar. It removes the hair follicle from the root with results that can last up to six weeks.

Lash Lift

During the treatment the natural lashes are bent so that the lashes looks longer and spectacular without the extra extension.  Part of the treatment is to color the lashes to give them a darker, longer and thicker appearance. Crul up holds up to 6-8 weeks.

About Me

I am a skin therapist graduated from the London School of beauty and Makeup. I truly believe that caring for your skin is crucial and extremely important for a healthy make-up or non-makeup look. I have a mission to provide the tools & knowledge for healthier skin, and I am passionate to keep searching and utilising ingredients that help our skin feel better and age with grace. Now after 5 years of experience in the industry, I can still say that I am excited to continue on this journey for better skin.


Brasilialainen sokerointi (naisten) made by Ruby 08.04.2021

Erittäin hyvä ja ammattitaitoinen palvelu! Suosittelen!

Viola L

Brasilialainen sokerointi made by Ruby 05.08.2020 Hoidon tekijä oli ammattitaitoinen, tarkka ja tosi kohtelias. Hoito oli nopea ja lähes kivuton. Asiakaspalvelusta10/10 Tulen varmasti uudelleenkin! 

Ida R

Lymphatic Body Massage made by Ruby 29.03.2021 This treatment was really good for my body specially with the knee problem i had for along time. the swelling really came down after one treatment. 



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